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Are you or a loved one experiencing a dental emergency? Core Dentistry provides prompt and effective emergency dental care in Frisco, and we’d be glad to assist you in your time of need. While our virtual contact form is convenient, we recommend giving our office a call to schedule emergency appointments, as that is the quickest way to reach our team.

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What qualifies as a dental emergency?

If you believe you may need to see an emergency dentist, but you’re unsure if your situation is a true dental emergency, our team at Core Dentistry is here to help. Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Uncontrollable Gum Bleeding or Swelling
  • Severe Tooth or Gum Pain
  • Cracked, Broken, or Knocked-Out Teeth
  • Damaged Dental Restoration(s)
  • Foreign Object Wedged Between Teeth
  • Dental Abscess

Can I save a tooth that’s been knocked out?

Adult teeth that are accidentally knocked out can be saved as long as the patient gets to an experienced emergency dentist in time, ideally in less than an hour. Should you ever knock out a tooth, you will want to pick it up by the crown and rinse it off if possible. Then, either place the tooth back in the socket and gently bite down on a piece of cloth or put it in a cup of milk or saliva. Following these simple steps will help keep the tooth alive as you make your way to our office, and it will increase the odds that our team will be able to reattach your tooth successfully.

Are dental emergencies covered by insurance?

Some insurance plans offer coverage for dental emergencies, so it’s worth checking with your provider to see what kind of coverage you may receive. Our office also accepts third-party payment plans through CareCredit™, which can help patients divide unexpected dental expenses into manageable monthly payments. When a dental emergency strikes, it’s important to seek help right away. Once your symptoms have been relieved and your oral health has been restored, we will help you find a flexible financing option that works well with your budget.

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