Your First Visit

Comprehensive Exam

Digital Dental X-RaysIf you are a new patient concerned about the overall health of your mouth you will be scheduled for a comprehensive oral exam. This exam will include a review of your medical health, oral/Jaw disease screening, gum/gingival health, cavities, and alignment of your teeth. Our office will create a plan to get you on a path to a healthier smile. We will help you establish re-care visits that best suits your preventative needs.

Limited Exam

This exam will focus on one or a few related concerns about your mouth. For example, “one chipped tooth, a cavity that needs filling, or my wisdom teeth are hurting.” Dr. Dan will suggest the best course of action to reduce your concerns, suggest options, and if possible get you out of pain that day. Typically, if you have more concerns about your mouth a comprehensive exam will be needed.


Our office has the latest in digital radiography which emits the lowest amount of exposure necessary. Using x-rays allows us to see inside your teeth and gums to measure how healthy they are. In a sense don’t worry the amount of x-rays we take is extremely minimal. We also take pictures of your smile and individual teeth to help describe the problems more visually.