Dentistry for Children

Kids’ Dentistry in Frisco TX

Dentistry for Children in Frisco TXWe recommend scheduling your child’s first exam once their first tooth erupts. It is well documented that the future predictors of the health of a child’s teeth come from early oral hygiene and nutrition habits. If a child is prone to cavities at a young age, more often than not they will have cavities in their adult teeth. Kids dentistry is focused on prevention, home care, and nutrition. We do not lecture or scare children into taking care of their teeth. We hope to guide children to develop good hygiene and eating habits. I believe no child should feel brushing and flossing is a chore, or going to the dentist is a punishment.

Please let us know if you want advice on thumb sucking, pacifier use, teething, and when to seek braces. Sometimes if a child is very young or has dental phobia we may suggest a referral to a specialist for treatment. Call our office in Frisco: (469) 353-6964