Mouth Guards

Night Guards

Dental Nightguard to Prevent Damage from Tooth GrindingIf you suffer from jaw and head pain due to clenching or grinding day or night may benefit from a nightguard. A common nightguard is made of a hard clear acrylic that is customized to snap in over your upper or lower teeth. When your jaw wants to clench or grind together the guard acts as a stress diffuser to relieve the pressure that would other be acting on your jaw joint (TMJ), teeth and jaw muscles. A custom night guard can last you years as opposed to store bought guards. Store bought guards can lack the fit and strength needed to help relieve your symptoms. You may need to buy repeated nightguards.

Sports Mouthguards

Sports guards have become a popular choice for all types of contact sports. From boxing, mixed martial arts, basketball, football, and hockey. The main goal is to prevent trauma to the front teeth and possible concussions from a jaw injury. There are different styles of mouthguards depending on which sport you play. We encourage athletes with adult teeth to wear a sports guard during play.