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Dental Services for the Entire Family in Frisco TX

A Happy Dental PatientWhat is Dentistry? Dentistry is a profession in healthcare that diagnosis, manages, treats diseases of the oral cavity.
The reason why someone would choose to be treated by a dentist is to make sure they can keep their teeth as long and healthy as possible. Like any part of your body as we age things do not stay the same. But, why do teeth and gums break down as we age? One of the chief functions of teeth is to crush and break down food which causes tooth wear. Also, bacteria that live in every person’s mouth love to use the food we eat to cause cavities and gum disease. Even with proper oral hygiene, accidental injuries, and diseases can also affect the way your smile looks and feels.

Our Philosophy is that the best dentistry is in prevention. But, if your teeth start to worsen we will offer solutions. We offer honest assessments and basic and premium cost treatments to fit your budget.

You should choose a dentist that makes you feel comfortable, but also provide you with the education to prevent dental problems. A dentist is called a doctor which comes from Latin word docere, which means to teach. A dentist needs to teach you based on your individual needs so you can have the skills to care for your oral health.

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